Season 2 | Episode 4: Elevating Standards: Good Manufacturing Practices, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control in Cannabis with Atiyyah Ferouz

Season 2 | Episode 4: Elevating Standards: Good Manufacturing Practices, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control in Cannabis with Atiyyah Ferouz

Elevating Standards: Global Collaboration and Quality Assurance in Cannabis with Atia Fros


Introduction and Background

The episode of Cultivation Elevated discusses vertical farming and the future of cannabis and food production.

Guest Atiyyah Ferouz is introduced as a consultant, educator, plant scientist, and CEO/co-founder of AGCann Consultancy and the International Cannabis Quality Standards Association (ICQSA) - she joins Anders and Michael this week. 

Atiyyah Ferouzs’ Career and Work

Atiyyah started in the cannabis industry in 2018 with a background in genetic engineering and plant biotechnology.

She managed a large cannabis greenhouse and launched her consultancy in 2020, specializing in emerging markets.

Atiyyah helps clients worldwide with operations, commercialization, and quality assurance, focusing on compliance with standards like GACP and GMP.

GACP and GMP Standards

GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) covers the cultivation side, while GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) covers post-harvest processes.

Different countries have varying interpretations of these standards.

GMP emphasizes documentation, flexibility, and continuous improvement, making it adaptable to various industries, including cannabis.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

QA (Quality Assurance) involves process documentation, staff training, and adherence checks.

QC (Quality Control) focuses on testing and ensuring the quality of the final product.

Both QA and QC are essential for compliance and producing high-quality products.

Challenges and Insights in Cannabis Regulation

Atia emphasizes the need for tailored regulations for cannabis, as it doesn't fit neatly into traditional agricultural, pharmaceutical, or natural health product categories.

She advocates for a quota-based system similar to dairy production to manage supply and demand.

There are misconceptions about best practices and the flexibility allowed by GMP.

Global Collaboration and Industry Standards

Atiyyah discusses the importance of global standards for legitimizing the cannabis industry.

The ICQSA aims to develop consistent international standards to facilitate trade and ensure quality.

Global collaboration can help stabilize markets, improve price points, and promote genetic diversity.

Remediation and Quality in Cannabis Production

Remediation techniques, though sometimes viewed negatively, are necessary for meeting stringent microbial standards.

Techniques like irradiation, e-beaming, and cold plasma are used to ensure product safety without compromising quality.

Atiyyah believes that dried flower should not be considered a pharmaceutical product due to its variability and the challenges in maintaining consistency.


The podcast concludes with a discussion on the future of the cannabis industry and the importance of ongoing learning and adaptation.

Atiyyah highlights the value of international standards and the need for the industry to self-regulate to ensure quality and legitimacy.


This episode of Cultivation Elevated provides valuable insights into the complexities of cannabis regulation, the importance of quality assurance, and the benefits of global collaboration in the industry.

If you are a grower looking to optimize your cultivation facility or anyone looking to cultivate more in less space, then this is the show for you. Each week, join Host Michael Williamson as he travels across the country, to explore the world of vertical farming and the future of cannabis and food production through his conversations with leading industry operators, growers and executives who are demonstrating success and resilience as growers and cultivators. Each episode provides stories and key insights that will inspire and show you first-hand, how each of these companies have overcome challenges, and found their own path to success.

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