Episode 11: Desert Cultivation, Inspired by Mom with Dr. Robb Farms

Episode 11: Desert Cultivation, Inspired by Mom with Dr. Robb Farms

Episode 11-Dr. Robb Farms


Join us as we take a fascinating journey into the world of cannabis cultivation with Zack Newman, Director of Operations at Dr. Robb Farms. In this episode, we explore the unique strains and rich history of the California cannabis market and how cultivators are shaping the industry's future. With insights from Zack, we learn about their attention to detail, positive work environments, and cross-training of employees, which all contribute to the production of high-quality cannabis products. Discover the challenges and opportunities in the industry and the crucial role that cultivators like Dr. Robb Farms play in shaping its future.

  • Discover how Dr. Robb Farms overcame wind resistance challenges in their purpose-built cannabis facility.
  • Learn about the CBD product, Mom's Formula, developed by Dr. Robb Farms for pain relief.
  • Explore how Zack Newman, Director of Operations, created a positive work environment for his team.
  • Find out how Dr. Robb Farms cross-trains their employees and pays attention to the little things that consultants may
  • Understand how Rove is constantly searching for unique strains and styles of growing in the cannabis industry.
  • Learn about the unique and rich history of the cannabis industry in California and its impact on the rest of the world.
  • Discover the role that cultivators like Dr. Robb Farms and Rove will play in shaping the future of the cannabis industry.

“So as I built my career and advanced in these different operations and had more power and more control and was able to
dictate some of these things, I've always wanted to create an environment where people are happy to show up. Happy people grow happy plants, and happy plants make the people working with them happy. So it's like a cyclical thing.”

“So the basic premise of the greenhouse, the advantage of the greenhouse is having the natural sunlight, the abundant light resource that we have in addition to our supplementary artificial lighting. And we want to combine those and maximize light
spectrums and light output on the plants.”

“So right now we have a lot of gelato crosses. We have a lemon cherry gelato that we're growing for the first time that looks really promising. Another one called the Soap that is just knocking everyone's socks off. And then we haven some classic kind of California flavors. OG Kush.”

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