Having efficient storage for your cannabis dispensary isn’t just helpful for keeping your sales processes streamlined, it also saves your bottom line from damaged, lost, or stolen products. Pipp’s Dispensary Mobile Storage Systems safely and effectively store your inventory without sacrificing crucial floor space.

When to Use Dispensary Storage Solutions

Pipp offers a variety of storage solutions that help maximize your dispensary storage space and streamline your backroom operations. Secured storage options are also available to help protect your products and your employees’ assets.

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Key Features & Benefits

Pipp’s high-density mobile storage systems capitalize on unused aisle and cubic overhead space. This allows retail operators to stack products safely and securely, promoting an efficient and organized area while optimizing workflows and reducing clutter and wasted space. Pipp’s systems eliminate fixed aisles by implementing mobile shelving. Shelving is easily moved along tracks to create aisles when needed to access inventory. These sleek yet robust units are designed for mobility, giving you flexibility, scalability, and adaptable storage solutions that can be adjusted as you grow.

Reclaim or re-purpose valuable floor space and increase your storage and sales capabilities with Pipp’s storage systems. Pipp offers a variety of solutions that can be customized to optimize your specific needs and budget, helping you make the most out of every cubic inch.

Effortlessly access your inventory with Pipp’s high density mobile storage racks and shelving. Pipp racks create a mobile aisle that glides smoothly along ADA compliant floor mounted tracks, allowing for a streamlined retrieval process. Pipp’s storage solutions ensure products are easily accessible, speeding up service times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Pipp’s storage systems are built with the highest safety standards in mind, ensuring the well-being of employees and the security of your products. Invest in solutions that prioritize safety without compromising on efficiency.

Streamline inventory management and workflows with high-density vertical mobile storage solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of dispensaries, distributors, delivery services, and more. Turn every cubic inch of your facility into a powerhouse of efficiency and organization, creating a clutter-free, organized, and efficient work space with every product within reach.

Our solutions can be effectively tailored to your business and space. Nearly every dispensary storage area is unique, but your storage areas and inventory plans can be streamlined and customized for your goals. The Pipp team works closely with you to develop a storage solution that meets your specific needs, helping to maximize your space and streamline operations.

Pipp’s storage solutions feature innovative designs that seamlessly blend with your dispensary’s overall aesthetics, while enhancing product accessibility, operational efficiency, and security. Pipp offers a variety of back-of-house accessories to support these goals.


Dispensary Shelving Systems

With a variety of mobile and stationary shelving systems available, Pipp has the perfect solution all of your dispensary storage needs.

By utilizing lockable mobile shelves, operations can significantly reduce risk, while optimizing workflows. Pipp’s lockable mobile shelving blends innovation, aesthetics, and security, meticulously designed to elevate front and back-of-house environments. Mobile shelves can integrate seamlessly with the store’s aesthetic, enhancing the sales experience. These systems allow products to be organized and displayed in visually pleasing and easily accessible configurations, creating more efficient and expedited transactions.

Key Features of Mobile Shelves:

  • Adaptive Compacting Design: Shelves can be compacted together, saving space and enhancing security when not in use.
  • Robust Lockable Mechanism: Fortified with a secure locking system for enhanced security, loss prevention, and peace of mind.
  • Sleek Appearance: Crafted with modern aesthetics and customizable to blend seamlessly with your space.
  • Durability & Reliability: Constructed with high-quality materials for a longer lifespan and enduring utility.
  • Effortless Installation & Setup: Simplified assembly means you can get organized faster than ever.

Rivet Style Shelving combines easy assembly with structural integrity. These shelves utilize a rigid framework ideal for high-density applications, and two-way keyhole slots and snap-in rivet design allows for simple installation. There are no clips, braces, or additional hardware needed. The shelves can be adjusted in 1-1/2” increments for optimal flexibility. The rivet shelving parts are available in a wide variety of sizes for flexibility and customization to fit specific storage requirements. Rivet Style Shelving has a weight capacity of 400-600 lbs. per shelf (depending on size) and can be arranged as stationary (fixed) shelving and/or mobile shelving configurations. Several color and shelf options are available.

Wire Style Shelving is NSF approved and provides strength, durability, and cleanliness, making it the appropriate storage solution for healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing/processing, food and beverages, and other sanitary or clean environments. Wire shelving reduces dust build-up, allows free light and air circulation, increases sprinkler effectiveness, and improves visibility. It is fast and easy to install with no special tools required. Wire shelving can be safely secured to Pipp’s unique mobile carriages to create a lateral or compacting mobile configuration.

When allocated storage space is limited or narrow, Pipp’s perimeter wall mounted storage system is an excellent solution. This solution utilizes the walls surrounding the storage space by attaching heavy duty slotted standards to the wall. A variety of brackets are available to maximize the shelf depth up to 24 inches, as well several decking options that include particle board and white melamine shelves. Shelf brackets can be placed on 2-inch increments along the wall mounted standards.


Secured Storage Systems

Pipp offers a variety of secured storage systems and solutions to meet the diverse needs of dispensaries and processors. Secured storage solutions like lockers, mobile security carts, secured stationary shelving, and lockable mobile shelving help reduce the risk of theft, loss, and damage not only to your inventory but to employee belongings as well. Pipp’s secured storage systems are designed to cater to dispensary operations by protecting your assets and helping to ensure a safe working environment for your employees.

Secured Storage Systems feature robust pry-resistant doors, fully welded closed tube frame, and a three-point rod locking mechanism. Store any size product with adjustable shelf spacing on 2-1/2” increments.


  • Available as 10″H Double Secured Storage Unit or 6’H Single Secured Storage Unit.
  • Robust pry-resistant doors.
  • Fully welded closed tube frame.
  • Three-point rod locking mechanism.
  • Tamper-proof hardware.
  • Easy visual inspection of product with 1.5” x 1.5” grid spacing.
  • Update security anytime with Interchangeable Cylinder Lock.
  • Secured in place with 3/8” seismically approved concrete anchors.
  • Store any size product with adjustable shelf spacing on 1-1/2” increments.

Protect your top assets with our Secured Mobile Storage Systems. Front-of-house and back-of-house options are available in a variety of configurations to meet all of your storage needs. Reach out to our sales team for a custom quote!

Keep your employees’ belongings safe with secured Gowning Room Lockers! These lockers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. C-Thru Lockers offer a unique approach to storing personal belongings while allowing others to visually inspect the contents without the need to open the locker. They are roomy enough for just about any secured storage application.


  • Available as Box, Single-Tier, or Double-Tier Lockers.
  • Standard Colors: Sand, Medium Grey, Black
  • Widths (inch): 6”-12” | 12”-18” | 30”-36” | 36”-42″| 42”-48” | 66”-72” | 72”-78”
  • Depths (inch): 12″-18″ | 18″-24″
  • Heights: 72″-78″ | 78″-84″


61% Increase in Storage Capacity

Learn how The Source increased their storage capacity square footage by 61% with Pipp’s Dispensary Mobile Storage Systems.

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Mobile Carriages

Pipp’s mobile carriages help companies maximize their space, while also creating easy and safe access to the products. These mobile carriages integrate perfectly with Pipp’s vertical racks to create the ultimate Mobile Vertical Racking System.

  •  ADA compliant.
  • Anti-Tip System available.
  • For heavier loads – weight capacity is 1,000 lbs
    per linear foot of carriage.
  • Maximum carriage length is 24’ (Larger systems require engineering approval).
  • Ideal system for cannabis retail applications.
  • For lighter loads up to 3,000 lbs.
  • Anti-Tip System available ADA compliant.
  • Maximum carriage length is 12’.


Mobile Storage Carts

Mobile Storage Carts allow for easy storage and transportation of products throughout the dispensary. With a variety of cart styles and options available, these carts can meet all of your storage needs. 

These durable and highly functional Wire Carts are ideal for mobile storage requirements. The open wire construction minimizes dust/dirt accumulation and maximizes airflow as well visibility.

  • Lengths: 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 60”, and 72”.
  • Widths: 18”, 21”, and 24”.
  • Heights: 63” and 74”.
  • 4 Shelves with split sleeves.
  • 4 Posts.
  • Posts are numbered in 1” increments for ease of assembly.
  • 5” Heavy-duty non-marring swivel casters.
  • Easy to transport and maneuver.
  • Load capacity – up to 1,000 lbs.
  • No tools required.
  • Available as a Security Cage.

The versatile Shelf Cart can be used for both general storage and transporting goods. The shelf levels are adjustable and additional shelves can easily be added to the cart to customize it to suit your needs.


  • 65”H x 60”W x 24”D
  • 14-gauge steel posts and supports.
  • Finish – medium gray E-Coat finish.
  • Option to upgrade to anti-bacterial & anti-microbial white powder coating.
  • Comes standard with three adjustable shelves and two openings.
  • Additional shelves can easily be added to cart if required.
  • Shelves are a 1/4” HDPE plastic insert with a 1/4” lip on all four sides.
  • Cart has a weight capacity 1,000 lbs.


Additional Storage Solutions

From mobile storage carts and lockers, to ladders, secured storage, and more, Pipp Horticulture offers everything needed to maximize your dispensary space. These products are great add-ons to Pipp’s Mobile Storage Solutions and help improve the workflow, organization, and efficiency of your facility, saving you time and money.

Pipp offers a variety of budget friendly options for both receiving and manager’s desks. These desks are constructed from our Rivet Shelving, offering the ability to create flexible and unique solutions that can be tailored to the available space in the back of house area within the designated dispensary storage area.

Easily and safely access your products with ladder options built to fit all of your needs! Ladders styles include Aluminum Ladders, Step Ladders, and Rolling Ladders.

Pipp’s General Storage Bins allow growers to increase efficiency by easily storing and organizing materials throughout the facility.


Want to Learn More?

Download our Dispensary Storage Brochure to learn how Pipp can maximize your dispensary storage space!

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Cannabis Life Cycle

Pipp Horticulture has developed a variety of products to help operators throughout the entire seed-to-sale cycle. Review the steps below to see which Pipp products assist during each phase of the cultivation cycle.