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ELEVATE™ Platform System

ELEVATE™ Platform System is a robust, lightweight, and portable deck that allows cultivators to access the upper levels of PIPP’s Multi-Tier Mobile Grow Racks quickly, efficiently, and most importantly – safely. This patent-pending system was designed to integrate with PIPP’s Bulk Rack Shelving Systems without any modifications. The ELEVATE™ Platform System can be installed on new or existing mobile vertical grow racks.


  • Quick and simple setup means more time spent caring for plants and less time preparing your workspace.
  • Lightweight components allow one person to set up the entire system. No component weighs more than 15 lbs.
  • Aluminum and galvanized steel components give great corrosion resistance.
  • Deck sections are 22” by 49” to allow use in any layout.
  • 22” wide walkway gives ergonomic access to canopy without giving up overall canopy throughout room.
  • Multiple people can access and work on the platform at once.
  • Galvanized steel support rails rated at 650 lbs per pair (tested to 4X capacity per OSHA requirements).
  • Support rails are adjustable on 2” increments to give full flexibility in selecting platform heights and create the most ergonomic working area.
  • Rails have integrated anti-dislodge protection features to keep beams secure while in use.
  • Ladders available to accommodate deck heights between 30” and 100” A.F.F.
  • If the mobile aisle is 46” or larger, two separate working rows of the patent-pending ELEVATE™ Platform System can be used simultaneously.



  • Decks are 22” x 49“
  • Engineered to work with 500 lb capacity rails
  • Weigh less than 10 lbs.
  • “Daisy-chain” and ladder attachments integral to each deck
  • Marine grade aluminum for corrosion resistance and weight reduction


  • Galvanized Steel Rails for corrosion resistance and strength
  • 500 lbs capacity
  • Available in 96” and 48” sections
  • Anti-dislodge tabs secure rails in place
  • Accommodates end-of-aisle deck stops


  • Lightweight Aluminum Tube Construction
  • 250 lbs capacity
  • Range from 3 rung to 8 rung to cover any deck height from 30” to 100” A.F.F.
  • 3 Position hook plates give multiple angle options
  • Anti-dislodge slots secure the ladder to the end platform for safe and secure placement of the ladder

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