Pipp’s Vertical Racks are the top choice for indoor vertical grow systems. Uprights are pre-welded for fast assembly and strength. Beams incorporate a unique “tapered finger” design attachment that locks beams safely into the uprights. Use with Pipp’s Mobile Carriages to complete the Mobile Vertical Racking System. Racks support a variety of grow trays and easily integrate with other essential equipment like LED lights, irrigation, plumbing, and airflow systems.

When to Use Vertical Racks

The foundation of Pipp Horticulture’s industry-leading Mobile Vertical Racking Systems are the Vertical Racks and Mobile Carriages. This system is vital to any successful grow operation. These products are used through a majority of stages in the plant life cycle and allow growers to maximize their grow spaces, increase operational efficiency, and grow up to 5x more!

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Vertical Grow Racks

Pipp’s Vertical Grow Racks are industry-standard racks that have been enhanced to meet the needs of today’s indoor cultivation facilities. They are constructed from durable 14-gauge steel and feature a dual coat finish with an E-Coat base layer for corrosion protection and a top layer of white powder coating with anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. This knock-down design with adjustable cross supports ensures clear openings are always available for third-party add-on components, as well as a quick and efficient installation

  • Three-finger interlocking beam support locks into the upright with adjustability on 2” increments, allowing for the ultimate flexibility in setting your tray levels based on your desired growing style and method.
  • The ability to offset support beams from front to back when an additional pitch is required for more aggressive water drainage within the trays.
  • Includes under tray supports that can be used for mounting a variety of inner canopy accessories, such as lights, air movement, etc. Additional supports can be added to achieve higher weight capacities if needed.
  • *Bulk Rack – Patent Pending

By upgrading the Vertical Grow Racks to a new modular upright design, Pipp was able to create many additional cost-saving benefits for your facility!

  • Dual Coat Corrosion Protection: An E-Coat base layer provides complete coverage, negating the faraday effect, while a powder coat top layer provides a reflective white color with anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Pass-Thru Flexibility: Each spanner position can be adjusted to allow for optimal tray positioning, drainage plumbing, electrical runs, air circulation, and other ancillary systems.
  • Transportation Cost Savings: Reduced shipment damages
    and improved on-site handling of material (tight hallways, turning corners, and unloading of trucks).
  • Racks are available up to 16’ high. (Racks higher will need engineering review and approval.)
  • Typically provided in 8’x4’ or 4’x4’ configurations to match today’s LED light footprints. However, other sizes and depths are available to maximize your space fully.

Mother Room, Clone Room, Vegetative, and Flowering

Vertical Racks
Vertical Racks

Uprights Support up to 17,000 lbs

Racks Available up to 16' High

Beams Support up to 2,150 lbs

Bulk Drying Rack
Bulk Drying Rack

Antimicrobial and Fungal-Resistant Properties

Multiple Hang Options Available

Racks Available up to 16' High


Dry/Cure Room Bulk Racks

Mobile Drying Racks are the most efficient solution to maximize square and cubic feet of your dry room. The racks can span the full height of the room, while the mobile carriages eliminate the fixed aisles between racks allowing you to install more racks and dry more plants in the same footprint.

  • Dry room racks have all the same benefits as the cultivation racks.
  • Allows for a consistent look and features throughout the facility.
  • Allows for the integration of our ELEVATE® Platform System. Providing easy access to the upper levels of the dry room, providing labor savings, and eliminating safety concerns of utilizing a ladder to retrieve the plants throughout the room.
  • *Patent Pending
  • Multiple plant hanging options are available to meet your desired method, including Round Hang Bars, Grid Panels, and Finger Bars.
  • Compatible with VAS Plant Hangers.


Dry/Cure Room Rivet Racks

Pipp’s Mobile Drying Rivet Racks are a cost-efficient solution to maximizing the space within your dry room. The rivet racks have a grey powder coating and feature multiple plant hanging options to meet your desired method.

  • This configuration is a cost-efficient method to dry your plants while gaining all the benefits of maximizing your dry room and plant counts.
  • Rivet Racks are available up to 15’ high (higher heights require splicing and engineering approval).
  • Grey Powder Coating (Note: powder is not antimicrobial or fungal-resistant.)
  • The ELEVATE® Platform System is not compatible with this style of dry racking.
  • Multiple plant hanging options are available to meet your desired method, including Round Hang Bars, Grid Panels, and Finger Bars.
  • Compatible with VAS Plant Hangers.
Dry Cure Room Rack
Dry Cure Room Rack

Grey Powder Coating

Racks Available up to 15' High

Finger Bar Hang Option Shown

Mobilize Your Vertical Racks

Don’t waste an inch of space in your cultivation facility. Pipp’s Mobile Carriages allow for easy movement of your vertical racks to create a high-density grow space. Mobile Carriages are built to order and can accommodate any vertical racking system.


General Storage Racks

Make the most of your space with Pipp’s General Storage Racks! These racks are available in a variety of style options to fit all of your storage needs.

Life Cycle Stage: Clone Room, Cure/Storage, Vault, Distribution Facilities, & Retail/Dispensary

Bulk Racks are the best choice for storing heavy, bulky items. It allows clear and convenient access from the front or rear. Shelf spans of 96” W x 48” D are available. Uprights are pre-welded for fast assembly and strength. Each unit can handle load capacities of up to 10,000 pounds. Beams incorporate a unique tapered finger design attachment that locks beams safely into uprights. Two styles of beams and deck supports allow you to choose between several different shelf options. *Patent Pending

Rivet Racks are highly versatile and customizable storage options, with configurable options to meet all your storage needs. The 14-gauge steel and boltless design offers the strength required for every day storage needs and can be reconfigured easily. With a variety of support beams available, these can be configured for light duty or heavy duty storage needs. Several decking options are also available depending on the storage application.

Round Post Wire Shelving is a highly desirable storage solution. The open wire construction minimizes dirt and dust accumulation and maximizes airflow, as well as visibility. It is fast and easy to install with no special tools required. The lacquered zinc finish provides strength, durability, and cleanliness needed in many storage applications. Wire shelving is constructed of 16-gauge round tubs. The grid pattern shelf is made of wire ribs that run front to back, allowing for the ease of sliding product off the shelf. There are a variety of widths and depths available to meet your storage needs.


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