The future of indoor farming is maximizing space and efficiency with mobile vertical cultivation racks. Pipp takes you there by TAKING YOU UP! Vertical farming reduces operating costs and can increase your overall revenue per square foot!

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“We chose Pipp racking because its mobile aisles allow us to grow more of our produce in the same footprint and helps us deliver the best product possible to our customers!”

– Kai Misner | Leader of Hydroponic Technology


Choose Your Rack

Pipp Horticulture offers both bulk and rivet-style racking with a variety of shelving options. These high-capacity shelves support a variety of accessories and have quick and easy assembly.


Make It Mobile

Mobile Vertical Racks are the most efficient solution for maximizing the square and cubic feet of your plant space. The racks can span the full height of the room, while the mobile carriages eliminate the fixed aisles between racks allowing you to install more racks in the same footprint.


Pick Your Trays

Pipp’s Grow Trays allow for easy organization, cleaning, and movement of plants. They have fungal-resistant and anti-microbial properties, as well as attachment points for lights, air circulation, and plumbing. Pipp offers Grow Tray options for both Drip-to-Drain and Ebb-and-Flow irrigation styles.



Take your grow system to the next level with add-on accessories like the ELEVATE® Platform System or Vertical Air Solutions’ patented Air Circulation System. GGS Structure, a division of Pipp Horticulture, also offers a wide variety of grow tools that will help optimize your workflow.


Add Storage Solutions

Pipp offers a variety of storage solutions, such as carts and shelving, that help you easily transport products through different stages of the grow cycle. Secured storage options are also available to help protect your most important assets.


Want to Learn More?

Download our Brochure to learn more about Pipp Horticulture’s wide range of product offerings and feel free to reach out to our sales team with any additional questions that you may have!

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