Get the most out of your grow space! GGS Rolling Benches allow for up to 50% more plant space by creating a moveable aisle space. The benches can be fabricated in expanded metal covering, ebb-and-flood trays, or irrigation troughs. They are designed for easy installation with snap-together aluminum profiles and factory welded stands.

When to Use Rolling Benches

Not quite ready to upgrade to a vertical grow system? GGS Rolling Benches are the perfect fit for single-level growers in the Mother, Vegetative, and Flowering stages of the cannabis life cycle. With a moveable aisle, growers can maximize the efficiencies of their grow room and double their plant space!

Mother Room







GGS Rolling Benches

By eliminating the need for a dedicated aisle, GGS Rolling Benches increase your profits and efficiency by doubling your grow space!

  • Heavy-duty construction supports up to 15 – 20 lbs per square foot.
  • Custom sizes available for width and length.
  • Grow trellis and light support options.
  • Strong yet lightweight aluminum prevents corrosion.
  • Designed for easy installation with minimal hardware and tools.
  • Ebb-and-flood trays, troughs, or expanded metal bench tops.
  • One-touch easy roll – up to ⅓ of the bench width.
  • Anti-tip brackets for added assurance.
  • Smooth, rounded corners for a snag-free workplace.

Applicable Plant Life-Cycle Stages: Mother, Vegetative, and Flowering

GGS Rolling Bench
GGS Rolling Bench

Aluminum Grow Net Supports

Aluminum Grow Net Braces


Aluminum Grow Light Support System

3/4″ Aluminum upright support tube.

  • Lights move in tandem with your rolling bench.
  • Supports double as a grow net support system.
  • Durable and easy to assemble with modular design
  • Clips in place on the side rail of the bench.

Aluminum Grow Net Supports

  • Internal bench side rail clip
  • 3/4″ Aluminum upright support tube
  • Benches: Up to 72′ wide
  • Spacing: Varies based on bench width

Proud Division of Pipp Horticulture

GGS Structures, a division of Pipp Horticulture, is one of the most recognized names in the Horticulture industry. They are the leading manufacturer of top-quality greenhouses and turnkey greenhouse growing solutions, including traditional rolling benches, heating and ventilation systems, and curtain systems.


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Download the GGS Rolling Bench Brochure to learn more about their product offerings and feel free to reach out to our sales team with any additional questions that you may have!

GGS Rolling Benches

Cannabis Life Cycle

Pipp Horticulture has developed a variety of products to help operators throughout the entire seed-to-sale cycle. Review the steps below to see which Pipp products assist during each phase of the cultivation cycle.