Episode 2: Craft Cannabis and Audio Terps with the Founders of Indico Colorado

Episode 2: Craft Cannabis and Audio Terps with the Founders of Indico Colorado

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Owners of Indico, Josh Foley and Owen Miller are known as some of the best craft cannabis growers in Colorado. Their old-school approach to cultivation allows them to give every plant the close attention it needs, and has resulted in them producing top-shelf cannabis that features potent aromas and flavors. Today, they join the show to discuss their grow process, the critical role that music plays in their operation, and the inspiration behind some of the strains they have cultivated, including their award-winning Mandarin Sunset flower.

00:01 – Michael welcomes to the show Josh Foley & Owen Miller who share the incredible origin story of their company, Indico
05:53 – How Josh and Owen first met and connected
09:26 – Bumps in the road along the entrepreneurial journey
15:51 – Buying trends among consumers in the marketplace
18:44 – Marijuana and music
23:28 – Advice Josh and Owen would give to traditional growers
31:42 – The inspiration behind some of the strains Josh and Owen have cultivated
36:03 – Washing and solventless hash production explained
37:20 – Josh and Owen speak to their partnership with Dialed In Gummies
44:06 – Where listeners can find products by Indico and how the cannabis market has shifted
51:41 – Josh and Owen speculate on what the future holds for Indico
56:16 – Michael thanks Josh and Owen for joining the show 

“When people see that first plant that’s just perfectly formed, it’s awe-inspiring and it gets them hooked like that.” (11:41)
“What’s better than getting super blazed on your favorite strain and listening to your favorite music? It goes hand in hand.” (18:44)
“The one thing that is blatantly apparent is that the plants are living things, and the mood and the environment around the plants affects the plant growth itself. And so, by playing music, we’re trying to create this positive energy and vibe in the garden that then translates to the plants being happier.” (20:27)
“It’s probably the number one thing that we’ve noticed that growers overlook when we go into their facilities is that a lot of times their rooms are just way too dry to start out and the plants are not flourishing.” (28:12)
“Well, it basically comes down to one of two different types of cultivators. You’re either cultivating for high-end flower, or you’re cultivating for extraction.” (49:19)

Indico Colorado – https://indicocolorado.com/ (https://indicocolorado.com/)
Dialed In Gummies – https://www.dialedingummies.com/ (https://www.dialedingummies.com/)
Indico Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/indicocoloradoinc/ (https://www.instagram.com/indicocoloradoinc/)
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