Episode 4: A Recipe For Success From Ohio’s First Medical Cannabis Cultivator – Buckeye Relief

Episode 4: A Recipe For Success From Ohio’s First Medical Cannabis Cultivator – Buckeye Relief

Episode 4: A Recipe For Success From Ohio’s First Medical Cannabis Cultivator – Buckeye Relief


Buckeye Relief is an Ohio owned and operated cannabis cultivator and processor. Today, members of the Buckeye Relief team, including VP of Cultivation, Matthew Kispert, and Director of Cultivation, Tyler Bracken, join the show to discuss the evolution of the cannabis industry in Ohio, what the role of a Section Grower entails, and what it means to foster a great culture. They talk about validation, single vs. multi-tier facilities, and the immense satisfaction they get from working with cannabis.

00:32 – Michael introduces today’s guests, members of the leadership team at Buckeye Relief, who share their various backgrounds and eclectic experiences that led them to the cannabis industry 

07:18 – The role of a Section Grower 

09:48 – Advice for those looking to enter the cannabis industry with limited cannabis experience 

15:30 – Pros and cons of single-tier and multi-tier facilities

23:40 – Building and fostering a great culture 

32:06 – The evolution of the Ohio cannabis market and the house of brands under Buckeye Relief 

36:10 – What validation means in the sanitation process 

44:03 – Top-selling products at Buckeye Relief 

48:18 – The Sneak Peek Program

56:10 – What the future holds for Buckeye Relief 

59:01 – Final thoughts on the cannabis industry 

1:01:44 – Michael thanks the entire team for joining the show to share their unique insights

“A section grower is somebody who is basically the plants’ parents for nine weeks from veg to harvest. We take care of them from our little one foot babies to pain to up to five foot tall monstrosities that are a pain to work on, but we love them anyway.” (07:37)

“A lot of us came into this industry not knowing anything. And so a big part of that is admitting, ‘Yes, I don’t know that, but I’m willing to learn. And if you teach me and provide me the tools necessary, I will prove to you I’m worth the investment.’ It’s finding those people that are willing to constantly step forward.” (14:06)

“One of the biggest things that I have pushed since I’ve been in a leadership position is to be yourself and to come in here and not have the stresses from outside life. Just to come in, enjoy working with weed, and enjoy being who you are. And then for them to know that they can come to me at any time of day and they can call me at any time of night. Just being there for them when they need is a really important aspect to me.” (28:40)

“Needless to say, if demand increases in Ohio, we will rise to the occasion.” (58:25)

“I would say, if you want to be a part of something that is extremely rewarding, try to get into the cannabis industry. If you’re not afraid of hard work, get into the cannabis industry. Because with that hard work comes great reward.” (59:25)

Buckeye Relief – https://buckeyerelief.com/

Buckeye Relief Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/BuckeyeRelief

Matthew Kispert’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-kispert-1599aa95/

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