Episode 6: Blue Collar Craft Cannabis with Freedom Green Farms

Episode 6: Blue Collar Craft Cannabis with Freedom Green Farms

Episode 6: Blue Collar Craft Cannabis with Freedom Green Farms


Drew Nowak is an Alumni of Western Michigan University with a degree in Engineering Management Technology. He is also a former NFL offensive/defensive lineman for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Seattle Seahawks, and Kansas City Chiefs. He is currently the Founder/CEO of an Adult Use cannabis grow facility in Northern Michigan, Freedom Green Farms LLC. Today, Drew joins the show to discuss process flow, design and the importance of attention to detail. Drew expounds on the origins of the name ‘Freedom Green,’ the value he places on efficiency and sustainability, and how Drew has cultivated an incredibly trusting culture within his organization.

00:00 – Michael introduces today’s guest, CEO and Founder at Freedom Green, Drew Nowak, who shares his background as an NFL player and the work he’s currently doing in the cannabis industry 

02:03 – Process flow, design, and engineering 

03:50 – Biggest challenges in starting Freedom Green 

04:49 – The origin story of the name ‘Freedom Green’ 

06:12 – Growing more with Pipp Horticulture 

09:25 – Drew’s leadership style and what differentiates Freedom Green from other cannabis companies 

10:59 – Attention to detail 

12:30 – Investing in efficient systems and designs 

15:46 – Drew’s expectations for sanitation 

17:17 – The incredible variety that Freedom Green offers 

19:26 – Advice Drew would give to those looking to enter the cannabis industry 

20:29 – What the future holds for Freedom Green 

21:11 – Michael thanks Drew for joining the show and lets listeners know where they can learn more about Freedom Green 

“Process flow is really important for us. We just didn’t want to be restricted for any reason, whether it was pallets of dirt, soil, whatever, individuals, movement, transplanting, anything like that. So it was really valuable for us to make sure that this room was wide.” (02:12)

“We really wanted to be proud Americans with the name. But also, the ‘Green’ aspect is important. Our motto is, ‘Sustainably made, simply clean.’ We try to make everything as efficient and wasteless as possible.” (05:27)

“What I feel is very valuable is how we empower our employees. We give them responsibility. We give them the ability to work. We’re not breathing down their backs. And, by doing that, we’ve created comfortability in the workplace and confidence in their abilities and what they do. We trust them tremendously to do the right thing.” (09:54)

“I want people to be able to eat food off the floor in here. That’s our expectation on sanitation. I joked earlier that we clean ninety percent of the time and work on plants ten percent. There’s no excuse for our environment.” (16:01)

“We want to grow for the people. It doesn’t matter what I like. It doesn’t matter what you like. It matters what the people want. So our goal is, tell us what you want and we’ll grow it.” (17:59)

“Right now, we still need to figure out and be the best that we are in the space. It’s hyper-competitive in Michigan but we’re gonna stay in our lane. I’d rather pick one thing and be the best at one thing than do ten things and be average.” (20:38)

Freedom Green – https://freedomgreenfarms.com/ 

Freedom Green Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/freedom_green_farms/

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