Episode 8: USA Made, Michigan Raised

Episode 8: USA Made, Michigan Raised

USA made Michigan Raised


Del Rockwell and Michael Williamson explore the ever-changing cannabis industry and discuss the history of Pipp Horticulture, a leader in the racking space for cannabis cultivators. From discovering the benefits of modular racking systems to metal corrosion resistance to understanding the importance of voting with their dollars, in this episode, Del and Michael provide an in-depth look at the industry and the products driving it forward.

- Learn how 45 years of experience in the industry has led Pipp to develop products specifically for the cannabis space.

- Del talks about Pipp’s customer-centric approach and how they have embraced the cannabis industry and its culture. He also dives into how they have developed products for both horticulture and retail.

- Learn about the process of product development, from prototyping to third-party testing. Del also provides insight into his own learning process and talks about enrolling in Bruce Bugby's Horticulture and Cannabis course.

- Hear more about the knock down racking system and other exciting products that Pipp is developing for indoor cultivation.

- A great discussion on the challenges of the cannabis industry, such as taxes and pricing, and how partnerships have helped companies succeed.

- Advice on entering the cannabis industry, emphasizing the importance of having face-to-face conversations and listening to customers.

“We definitely got to drink from the firehose when it came to learning, and I think for the company as a whole, we absolutely tried to learn as much as we could. We wanted to listen to everybody that would try to impart a little bit of information or knowledge on us and try to combat it from that relatively humble perspective.” (Del)

“At the end of the day, are customer centric, and we view ourselves as customer centric almost to a fault. At times, it feels like, yeah, we'll do just about everything. We definitely want to listen to and hear out whatever system it is that they want to use.” (Del)

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