• Pipp Mobile Announces New Logo Rebrand

    Pipp Mobile Announces New Logo Rebrand

    Unveiling the new logo and branding represents a modern, cohesive look and feel for Pipp Mobile and all its divisions.

    For Immediate Release
    Date: September 19, 2022
    Contact: Lisa LaFemina
    Phone: 708-695-5257
    Contact Email: [email protected]

    Pipp Mobile Storage Systems, Inc, the leading space-saving mobile storage systems provider, has announced today that new logos and branding will be introduced for each of its divisions. Each division of Pipp Mobile provides knowledgeable experience to help create space and improve processes in industries like retail, horticulture, healthcare, and more. The acquired divisions under Pipp Mobile include IRSG, Pipp Horticulture, Vertical Air Solutions, Greenhaus Industries, and, most recently, GGS Group of Companies. The decision to rebrand each division was made to elevate marketing materials and brand perception to reflect Pipp’s progressive and space innovative solutions.

    With this update, the new logos and branding represent Pipp’s umbrella of space-saving solutions and technological advancements that keep the company modern and knowledgeable. When you work with Pipp, you can expect an educated team working alongside our engineers’ developing solutions throughout the various industries to continuously improve upon our services and create products that positively affect your return on investment.

    “We knew it was time for an upgrade, and we really feel like the new design represents more modernization of the Pipp brand,” said Craig Umans, Pipp President and CEO. “People in the this space already know Pipp as a staple provider of solutions for them, and we feel like the new logos and branding also represent Pipp’s forward-thinking into upcoming trends and technological advancements. ”

    The rebranding of these divisions includes updated fonts, colors, and even new logo marks that represent the associated product features of each division. View some of the changes below.

    Pipp Mobile:

    Pipp Horticulture:


    GGS Structures:

    Vertical Air Solutions: