Grow Room Design Pipp Horticulture

Grow Room Design, Floor Plan Analysis and System Design:

Pipp will review architectural layouts and make recommendations for maximized grow room utilization for both the square foot, as well as, the vertical foot including cannabis grow tray elevation spacing. We can also make recommendations on increasing or decreasing room sizes for the most efficient grow space and work flow.

Our CAD team will prepare detailed room drawings, which include a layout of the Vertical Grow System, as well as, room specific elevations for each of the grow cycles. We provide the calculation for the square feet of canopy you can expect from the vertical grow room design. We take into consideration ceiling heights, drain locations, columns and any other obstacles.

Compliant Growing Area

Seismic, Safety and ADA Compliance Review:

Pipp has a 40 year history of suppling our products to various municipalities all over North America. While the vertical grow market is relatively new and the codes are evolving quickly to meet the fast paced sector, we are able to assist and interpret your local municipality requirements. In addition, all of our supplied products are equipped with ADA and seismically compliant features including anti-tip track and seismically approved anchors. If required, we can have location specific signed and stamped engineer drawings for submittal to the local municipality. Submittal of the documents, permit costs and permit pick up requirements vary by location and would be the responsibility of the general contractor.

Product Manufacturing:

Our products are all built and manufactured in the United States. While this market continues to rapidly evolve and growing styles differ among cultivators, we are willing to review requests for non-typical products that would integrate into our Vertical Grow System.

building a grow room


Depending on the size of the overall project or the phasing of the installation of the grow rooms, we ship by either Less Than Truck Load (LTL) carriers or by Truck Load (TL) carriers. We have national contracts with many carriers of each. We make every effort to maximize the truck load ensuring competitive rates anywhere in the country.

Licensed, Certified Nationwide Installation:

We draw from our network of installers all over North America that are skilled at installing our products fast and efficiently. We can supply crews for any size project with a schedule that meets your construction needs. All of our installers are certified, licensed and trained.

Post-Installation Maintenance:

Our products require very little maintenance, however we do offer a Post-Installation Maintenance program. Contact your sales representative for pricing and program information.

Grow Room Design Consultation:

Have questions about grow operations and efficiencies? Let us know. We have highly experienced cultivators on our team who are involved in many aspects of the cannabis business and would be happy to assist you.

Integration Consultation for other necessary equipment:

We work with the industry’s leading companies when it comes to other fundamental grow room equipment. We are happy to make recommendation and introductions to companies for your lighting, drainage, air movement and general cultivation facility needs.

Warranty Statement:

Pipp Horticulture Carriages and Vertical Grow Racks are warrantied for Five (5) years to the original purchaser. All Pipp products are corrosion/oxidation resistant not corrosion/oxidation proof. Due to the high humidity in the grow environment, some tarnishing, oxidation and metal decomposition is expected. These blemishes are merely cosmetic and do not qualify for replacement under the warranty.

The Combination and Drip-to-Drain Grow Trays carry a three (3) year warranty. The ABS Combination Grow Trays carry a one (1) year warranty. This warranty covers defects from manufacturing and workmanship when used as designed.

All Pipp Installations are warrantied for One (1) year from the date of the original installation for labor on replacement parts.