Episode 20: Roots in the Past, Flowers of the Future Pt 2

Episode 20: Roots in the Past, Flowers of the Future Pt 2

Roots In The Past Flowers Of The Future


Ever wondered how a second-generation farmer navigates the foggy world of California's cannabis industry? Join us as we traverse through the world of cannabis cultivation. Our guest, a seasoned grower with roots deep in the industry, shares his unique experiences and insights. Together, we unfurl the cultural influences that shape the success of cannabis operations and the unique challenges and opportunities that coastal California farming presents.

We share our own personal journey in cannabis cultivation, touching on genetics, managing light intensity, and the undeniable benefits of having a genetic library. We even discuss our unique cultivation process involving the use of greenhouses for vegging. We underscore the importance of brand-building; after all, consistency and loyalty are achieved through smaller batch production. Learn about our relentless pursuit of improvement in flower quality and the vital role that quality control and sorting processes play. So why wait? Tune in and let's grow together.


Trust us, you wouldn't want to miss it!

() California's Cannabis Consumption and Business Models

() Unrealistic Expectations in California Market

() Family-Owned Farming and Distribution

() Creating a Regionally-Based Brand

() Genetic Considerations in Cannabis Cultivation

() Importance of Airflow in Vertical Farming

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