New Greenhaus Industries Website Is Launched!

At Pipp Horticulture, we pride ourselves on providing the best mobile vertical farming and storage solutions for your grow operations. For years, we’ve partnered with other industry leaders in the cultivation and made the move to make Greenhaus Industries a part of our team in 2013.

Meet Greenhaus Industries

Greenhaus Industries is an innovator and manufacturer of multi-level cultivation and drying systems designed for the vertical farming industry. Greenhaus systems allow cultivators to maximize small and large spaces for vertical cultivation and drying facilities, which can dramatically increase production and profits. Working with Pipp Horticulture and its partners, they create the perfect cultivation system for your grow operations. 

Modern cultivation calls for a more modern site design which is why they saw the need to redesign their outdated, unresponsive website.  Check out the new website , and let us know what you think!


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MJBizCon 2019: A Recap

Pipp Horticulture at MjBizCon 2019

As it’s been for the past three years, interest, traffic, and excitement surrounding Pipp Horticulture were exploding. Of course, all this lead to another successful year at Marijuana Business Daily’s MJBizCon 2019. Constant traffic during all three days of the event and all 17 Pipp Horticulture team members engaged in deep discussions with existing and future clients including growers, owners, investors, and operators from all over the world. This includes all corners of the United States, Canada, Israel, Australia, Europe, and Asia!


PIPP MJBizCon 2019
PIPP MJBizCon 2019

The team was showcasing some new features to our existing mobile vertical cultivation systems as well as completely new items for the drying and processing side of the business. At Pipp we aim to always lead the way for indoor cultivation facility equipment innovation, development, and advancement.


Pipp Horticulture remains dedicated to true partnerships and value-adding solutions. Our show floor booth representation team included key members from critical groups like our Cultivation Consulting team and the Engineering team. Director of Cultivation, Michael Williamson, stepped into detailed discussions surrounding optimal facility design for healthy plant growth and production. Our Engineering team helped clients solve unique challenges their facilities face, helped them consider custom solutions, and fully explained how our track/rail-based mobile carriage system can be implemented for success.


PIPP MJBizCon 2019
PIPP MJBizCon 2019

Following last year’s support at MJBizCon, we decided to host a giveaway for our newly redesigned horticulture drying cart! Our new drying cart sparked so much interest with over 500 entries, we decided to give away 2 carts! The Pipp Horticulture drying cart is designed to accommodate hanging plants in order to dry them out for further processing. It has adjustable cantilever-style finger attachments which allow you to configure the cart as needed. The drying cart is an essential part of the cultivation process that can provide an increase in production and help streamline your workflow. See our Instagram @pipphorticulture for more details!



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Check out our mobile vertical grow racks we had on display at MJBizCon 2019 below!

Vertical Grow Racks & Cannabis Racking Systems

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Why Attending MJBizCon Is a Must For Any Cultivator

As a cultivator you’ve probably attended many conferences and seminars about best industry practices that they are all beginning to blend together. But there are a few that come every once in a great while that are worth your time and can potentially affect the success of your business. MJBizCon is an event that gets all industry key players in one area to discuss the best practices for both cultivation and the retail of cannabis. Catch all the movers and shakers of the industry at MJBizCon and take away knowledge that will elevate your cultivation. Here are just some of the reasons why attending MJBizCon is a very smart decision for your cannabis business.

Learn The Most Up To Date Business Practices

If you’re a cultivator in 2019, you’re well aware of the many business and marketing restrictions preventing your business from growing. MJBizCon educates canna business owners on the most up to date laws and business practices within the industry that you CAN do. Knowing this allows you to stay legal and prevents your business or marketing efforts experiencing any dings along the way that could potentially harm your business in the long run.

Network With The Best

MJBizCon has separate events within the main conference that are specific to which area in the cannabis industry you want to network with most. There is an investor event, science symposium, and a marijuana business crash course. The conference also celebrates movers and shakers in the cannabis industry that set the standard for business practices and that help propel the industry forward.

Navigating the CBD and Hemp Market

Navigating the cannabis market has proven difficult in the past, and the same goes for CBD and hemp. With very vague rules and regulations it’s important to talk with experienced members within the industry that can allow you to learn from other business practices. This in turn will not only make your CBD and hemp business more profitable, but will keep everything legal within the eyes of the law.

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“The Buckeye Harvest” – Cannabis Business Times, January 2019 Issue

Take a look at part 2 of an article series that the Cannabis Business Times published about one of our satisfied customers.

The Buckeye Harvest

Part II of this three-part deep-dive series into Ohio’s Buckeye Relief tracks the company’s first crop and harvest as team members share tips and lessons learned.

Read the article here

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“The Buckeye Buildout” – Cannabis Business Times, December 2018 Issue

Buckeye Relief - '22

Take a look at an article that the Cannabis Business Times published about one of our satisfied customers.

The Buckeye Buildout

How Andy Rayburn, co-founder and CEO of Ohio’s Buckeye Relief, and his team developed the state’s top-ranked application and built a state-of-the-art cultivation facility in record time.

Read the article here

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Pipp acquires Greenhaus Industries Inc | Your Vertical Farming Solutions

Pipp Horticulture (a division of Pipp Mobile Storage Systems, Inc.), a leading provider of space-saving, multi-level mobile cultivation systems, announced today that it has acquired Greenhaus Industries Inc. (“Greenhaus”), an innovator and manufacturer of multi-level cultivation and drying systems designed for the vertical farming industry. The principals of Greenhaus, who will remain with the organization, have combined over 25 years of experience in indoor cultivation design, operations and product development. Pipp Horticulture and Greenhaus have been strategic partners since 2017 and have already completed numerous projects together across the United States and Canada providing vertical farming solutions. “This union will allow us to combine Pipp’s engineering, manufacturing, and installation expertise with Greenhaus’ extensive vertical cultivation and horticulture knowledge, to rapidly expand in North America and abroad,” said Craig Umans, CEO of Pipp Mobile Storage Systems Inc. “Combined, we are poised to become a leader in this emerging industry.” Vertical farming is projected to be over a $6 billion industry by 2023. Recognizing the potential for vertical farming solutions in this market, Pipp Horticulture has developed a movable, multi-layer growing system, allowing indoor agriculture operations to stack grow trays to maximize its cubic and square footprint and increase yields. “Vertical farming is the future. One indoor acre equals four to six outdoor acres while having a higher and more consistent yield, protection from adverse weather and increased bio-security,” said Michael Williamson, Founding Partner of Greenhaus Industries “With Pipp Horticulture, we are thrilled to help create more efficient and sustainable facilities for food and cannabis crops.” “We are excited that this acquisition will bring us one step closer to becoming a one-stop-shop for our customers, providing turnkey solutions for their cultivation needs.” said Craig Umans, CEO of Pipp Mobile Storage Systems Inc.”    

About Pipp Mobile Storage Systems Inc.

Founded in 1981, Pipp Mobile Storage Systems, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of mobile shelving and storage systems for various markets such as retail, industrial, healthcare, automotive amongst many others. Pipp specializes in designing custom space‐saving systems that are responsive to their customer’s specific storage needs, including many Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Pipp’s product line extends to also include material handling solutions such as carts, transporters, and wire shelving. For more information visit or

About Greenhaus Industries Inc.

Founded in 2013, Greenhaus Industries designs and manufactures multi-layer cultivation and drying systems. Greenhaus systems allow cultivators to maximize small and large spaces for vertical cultivation and drying facilities which can dramatically increase production and profits. For more information, visit Source: Pipp Horticulture/Greenhaus Industries

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