Episode 18: Thriving & Expanding in the California Cannabis Market

Episode 18: Thriving & Expanding in the California Cannabis Market

Thriving & Expanding in the California Cannabis Market


Ever wondered how a vertical cannabis farm operates? Or how to scale from a 20,000 square foot space to a whopping 50,000 square foot multi-tier setup? Take a trip with us to Oakland, California as we explore Oakfruitland, a pioneering cannabis farm co-founded by our guest, Linzi. This episode will open your eyes to the challenges encountered in the building process, the transition to vertical growing, and the secret behind their reputation for unsurpassed canopy management and exquisite quality products.

As Linzi unveils the core business strategies of Oakfruitland, we dig into how lean operations and managing production costs have been instrumental in their success. We'll discuss their plans for expansion, the potential move into the Southern California market, and their mission to make their products available in over 120 dispensaries. Together, we'll explore what the future holds for vertical farming in the cannabis and broader food production industry.

  • 0:00 - Vertical Farming Journey in Cannabis


  • 15:43 - Maximizing Profit and Quality in Cannabis


  • 21:01 - Future Plans and Success Factors

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