MJBizCon 2023: New Products, Swag, & More!

MJBizCon 2023: New Products, Swag, & More!

Pipp Horticulture

Prepare to Be Blown Away!

Pipp Horticulture unveils new offerings at this year’s MJBizCon

“The objective was to significantly improve performance while simultaneously reducing material costs”

“We’re eager to showcase what we’ve been working on and share our latest developments and innovations. We continue to develop and refine our products to help cultivators positively affect canopy output while saving time and money by creating a more efficient facility and streamlining operations,” says Del Rockwell, Product Manager at Pipp Horticulture. The company is looking forward to unveiling several new offerings at this year’s MJBizCon. “MJBizCon is always one of the most anticipated events of the year, and this year is no exception. Pipp Horticulture is currently in full preparation mode as we gear up for the show, which is just a few weeks away,” Del says.

According to Del, the show provides the ideal platform for introducing new products, developments, and concepts. “As the Product Manager for Pipp Horticulture, this is my favorite aspect of the show,” he says. “I enjoy witnessing all the new innovations and, most importantly, having the opportunity to debut some of our innovations. This show’s platform allows us to receive immediate feedback on our ideas and concepts while also giving us insight into the developments of others in the industry. To me, it’s like a corporate-level Show ‘n Tell, and I personally love it.”

Pipp Horticulture Team

Mergers and Consolidations

According to Del, this year holds a unique significance due to broader economic trends and specific pressures within the cannabis market. “Cultivators are frequently merging and consolidating, which offers us opportunities to reassess and standardize best practices. As these partnerships mature, we’re discovering the combined value we can provide to growers and consumers alike.”

Over the past eight months, Pipp has harnessed the synergy created by these mergers and consolidations. “We’ve had the opportunity to acquire the assets of Grow Glide, combining two leading suppliers of multi-level mobile cultivation racking in the cannabis industry. This was no small feat, especially considering the high level of competition we both maintained in the industry over the past several years. It’s truly a dream scenario, as we can take the best elements from each company’s product line and culture, blend them together, and deliver something greater than the sum of its parts. Look forward to new and upgraded solutions in the coming year. We have exciting plans for the future!”

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New Offerings

This year, there is much to anticipate, Del says. Pipp Horticulture is set to unveil several new offerings to better serve the commercial cannabis cultivation industry. “The most significant launch is the next generation of our In-Rack Air Circulation System, VAS 2.0, which we’ll debut at MJBizCon 2023 booth #33019. Over the past year, we’ve diligently collected feedback on the original system and made significant improvements and enhancements. Our goals were pretty straightforward, but I would not say ‘easy’. The objective was to significantly improve performance while simultaneously reducing material costs. Our newly assembled team employed a quantitative, science-based approach, using CFD and Design of Experiments to iterate quickly and validate our improvements. As a result, we were able to nearly double the recorded airflow, reduce material and installation costs, and enhance the system’s serviceability and cleanability. You might need to turn our fans down!” Del explains.

Pipp is also excited to showcase a variety of additional products and accessories, including:

  • ELEVATE® Platform Outside Aisle Solution: “This solution allows the use of Pipp’s ELEVATE® Platform System throughout the entire room without requiring significant layout changes for existing rooms.”
  • Modular Upright Design: “Introduced last year and now ready for launch and production, our modular uprights provide various direct and indirect advantages to our customers. The adjustable system eliminates interference points between our racking and other systems, such as airflow and irrigation, while significantly improving shipping and logistical efficiencies.”
  • Recessed Bearing Carriage Construction: “A minor visual change to our foundational carriage that yields improvements in system performance, cleanability, serviceability, and corrosion resistance, all of which play a significant role in GMP compliance.”
  • GGS Hybrid Rolling Bench: “Debuted last year as a prototype but now in full production, we’ve continued to refine the system over the past year. This product combines the best aspects of GGS’s tried-and-true rolling bench frame with continuous tray technology with the full range of mobility and rolling performance of the Pipp Carriage system into the ideal solution for single-level systems.”
  • Dispensary Storage Booth #7418: “We will be showcasing our Dispensary Mobile Shelving System in a dedicated space in the Retail Pavilion. These systems are installed in the stockrooms of hundreds of the top retailers worldwide. Our retail dispensary storage systems are designed to store your inventory safely and efficiently without sacrificing crucial floor space. Visit our retail booth #7418 to see these systems in action.”

MJBizCon 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting event for the Pipp Horticulture Team. The company is eager to share their latest developments and innovations with you at booths #33019 and #7418. “The stage is set, and there’s plenty of room for growth. See you at the show!”

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ELEVATE® Outside Aisle System
VAS Air Circulation System
VAS Air Circulation System

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