Learn How Your Grow Room Materials Can Affect Your Yields & Profits

Being successful in the horticulture industry means keeping up with the massive demand and required grow yields. It can be easy to forget that all the elements you use to grow greatly affects your yield, and your profits. Besides grow room materials such as vertical grow racks, increasing profits (see exactly how much money you could be making here) the trays, inserts and tables all play a part in your grow operations. Consider how these implementing these items can affect your grow yield.

Our Grow Room Materials


Veg Tables

It’s all in the tables! By using vertical grow tables you are able to reduce your environmental footprint by utilizing less space and allowing more plants to grow. Operators often are looking for a solution to grow in areas without adequate growing space. In most cases we are able to double or triple a grower’s productivity in their existing space by implementing these tables. Now that’s how you grow!


Bloom Tables

In order to maximize your grow operations you need to ensure your bloom tables meet demands of large-scale commercial horticulture. Bloom tables are designed to maximize your flowering space and increase revenue. After integrating a multilayer grow system you can increase productivity by 100 percent or more. Pretty amazing right? Our tables are designed to integrate with any growing style from soil bed to ebb & flow. Lack of space may have you looking for new real estate to increase production. Wait! Before you go off looking for more space, consider whether a multilayer grow system can provide that increase in production you’re looking for.


Drainage Inserts

Drainage inserts work together with bloom and veg tables to allow for proper drainage and air circulation beneath pots. We offer anti-microbial and anti-fungal drainage inserts (white). Made in the USA of high density polyethylene, inserts can be easily removed for quick cleaning and sanitation.


Mobile Vertical Grow Racks

No where to go but up! Greenhaus provides mobile vertical grow racks through our industry leading partner, Pipp Horticulture. We integrate a carriage and track system to create even more efficiency by eliminating permanent aisles. We will work with your architects and engineers to determine if this is an option for your project.

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