Teaming With TheraCann On Innovative Storage Solutions

Since the regulation of legal medical cannabis, everything boomed and turned small-scale operations into an extremely fast-growing, large-scale, industry.  PIPP Horticulture is honored to partner with TheraCann International in the development and global deployment of its innovative world-class solution. Check out all about it in the article below, from Christ Bolton, TheraCann CEO.

“This was one of our first steps as a company,” Chris explains. “I was lucky enough to have started my career in agriculture when I was a kid. My dad had a farm and a ranch, so I had a hands-on experience when it comes to the tribulations of growing. At the same time, I have a legal background in international regulatory environments. Therefore, when the medical cannabis sector was regulated, I immediately saw the many opportunities it offered. We were at the inception of a new sector, and we knew it would grow exceptionally fast.” See a time-lapse video from the Pipp/TheraCann installation below!

Adopting Large Scale Storage Solutions

After this realization, TheraCann began work towards elevating the large-scale cannabis sector with new and innovative storage solutions. “The goal was to come up with a method of cultivation that was able to repeat each batch in the same manner. Therefore, we gathered international vendors together and worked to individuate the root causes of inconsistent cannabis batches.” Working with Pipp, TheraCann received excellent results working in over ten countries on international projects. Check out another photo of this fantastic system below!


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