Episode 13: Roots in Past, Flowers of the Future with Fog City Farms

Episode 13: Roots in Past, Flowers of the Future with Fog City Farms

Roots in the Past Flowers of the Future


Step into the world of cannabis cultivation with our guest, James Cunningham, the brains behind Fog City Farms. Get ready to master the art of vertical cannabis cultivation as James shares his journey from single-tiered farming to a double-tiered system. We'll dive into Fog City Farm's mission and explore why more cannabis brands are moving indoors.

As James takes you through the science behind lighting and plant genetics, you'll gain a unique perspective on how vertical space and environmental control can revolutionize cultivation practices. As a result of experimenting with different farms, James' experiences are rich with invaluable insights.

As the episode unfolds, we tackle the complexities of the cannabis market, discussing the oversaturation of California's cannabis industry and its impact on legacy growers. Unpack the challenges of building a vertically-stacked farm, the importance of airflow control and how auto-flower development affects price points. Finally, we tackle the intricacies of post-harvest processing and the locations where you can find Fog City products. James' advice for industry newcomers is a must-hear for anyone considering a plunge into the world of cannabis cultivation. Get ready for a knowledge-packed episode you wouldn't want to miss!

  • 00:00 - The current state of cannabis cultivation
  • 12:13 - Developing a practical LED lighting plan
  • 17:59 - Challenges and innovations in the space
  • 28:53 - Over-saturation of California's cannabis market
  • 42:38 - Post-harvest processing best practices


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