Episode 15: Progress and Challenges for the Global Cannabis Market with Fluence

Episode 15: Progress and Challenges for the Global Cannabis Market with Fluence

Progress & Challenges for the Global Cannabis Market


Ever wondered why Germany plays such a pivotal role in the European cannabis industry? Join your host, Michael Williamson, as he speaks with Timo Bongartz, General Manager of Fluence, in an engaging discussion exploring the fascinating world of cannabis cultivation and lighting. Michael and Timo shed light on the complexities of obtaining a prescription for medical cannabis in Germany and discuss potential shifts in this landscape.

They address the progress and challenges of the cannabis lighting industry, the need for market correction and standardization and the intricacies of managing complex business models. They explore the future of Europe’s role and the steps necessary for swift development. Through analysis of pilot projects in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands and their potential impacts on the supply chain, you’ll discover why the German cannabis market is crucial for international stakeholders and how the country's healthcare system influences patient access to medical cannabis.

Explore insights, trends, and investment opportunities within the dynamic cannabis market. Our guide unveils advanced cannabis cultivation techniques, ensuring top-tier medical cannabis quality. Ready to master the art of cultivation? Join us in setting a path to distinction in this ever-evolving industry. Elevate your understanding, seize opportunities, and redefine the future of healthcare. Take the first step – explore, learn, and innovate with us. Your journey starts now.

  • 00:00 - Vertical Farming and German Cannabis Market

    13:28 - Cannabis Industry Challenges and Progress

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