Episode 14: The Science & Business of Cannabis: What to Measure & Why with GrowGlide

Episode 14: The Science & Business of Cannabis: What to Measure & Why with GrowGlide

Science Business of Cannabis What to Measure & Why


Join us on Cultivation Elevated as we embark on an exciting exploration into the world of cannabis cultivation. This episode features a fascinating discussion with Jesse Porter, the Director of Cultivation for GrowGlide. Listen in as Jesse discusses the impact of GrowGlide's recent acquisition by Pipp Horticulture. He shares insights on the challenges and rewards of competition in the industry and how this acquisition paves the way for innovation and better support for the end customer.

We journey through host Michael Williamson's personal experiences in the cannabis industry. From being a hydro shop and nursery owner to moving to the West Coast and experiencing the boom of the cannabis market, Michael shares his strategies for differentiation in a competitive market. He also delves into how metrics and KPIs can help cannabis businesses enhance their efficiencies and how simple solutions can significantly improve your business without any additional financial cost.

We conclude the episode with a deep dive into how to maximize success in multi-tier cannabis cultivation. We take a closer look at how understanding your environment is crucial when transitioning to a multi-tier cultivation facility. So, whether you're an existing grower or owner looking to optimize your facility or someone looking to cultivate more in less space, tune in for key insights into vertical farming success.

  • 00:02 - Competition and Innovation in Vertical Farming
  • 12:50 - Hydro Shop Owner's Cannabis Journey
  • 23:28 - Optimizing Canopy Yield and Workflow Efficiency
  • 27:07 - Maximizing Success in Multi-Tier Cannabis Cultivation
  • 31:46 - Cannabis Cultivation Survival and Lean Principles
  • 44:39 - Efficiency and Data in Cannabis Facilities
  • 49:13 - Future Predictions for Cannabis and Food
  • 55:54 - Appreciation for Cultivation Elevated Podcast


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