Episode 19: Top Shelf Source of Cannabis News

Episode 19: Top Shelf Source of Cannabis News

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Join us on a captivating journey as we share an insightful conversation with the Beard Bros and Anders Peterson of Pip Horticulture, taking you through their remarkable transformation from East Coast cultivators to a beacon of cannabis news in California. Can you imagine the struggle of becoming a trusted source of news amidst a sea of clickbait and noise? We tackle this challenge head-on, candidly sharing our experiences and the unique trials we navigated to solidify our platform in the market.

This episode takes a deep dive into the evolution of cannabis culture on the East Coast, spotlighting the influential role of California and how Hollywood and social media have accelerated its adoption. As we navigate through this discussion, we also tackle the transient aspect of Prop 64 and its potential impact. And if that's not enough, hold tight as we compare and contrast the unpredictability between the cultivation and media sectors of the cannabis industry—two domains that demand constant vigilance with local, state, national, and international news.

As we round off our discussion, we don't shy away from the complexities of social equity in cannabis, the distinct challenges of transitioning from a legacy cultivator to a legitimate business, and the intricate realities of the cannabis industry in various states. We also share the lessons learned from Canada's cannabis industry and the three Ps of success while emphasizing the importance of a sound
facility and a strong brand. So, sit back and get ready to expand your understanding of the cannabis industry with the Beard Bros and Anders Peterson.

Trust us, you wouldn't want to miss it!

  • (04:44) The Rise of Cannabis Industry Reporting
  • (09:54) Building Culture in Emerging States

  • (17:31) Passion in Cannabis Production

  • (32:42) California's Cannabis Industry and Investor Greed

  • (37:08) Limiting Licenses and Balancing Marijuana Supply

  • (44:09) Mismanagement in Canada's Cannabis Industry

  • (47:56) Canada's Impact on the Cannabis Industry

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