Episode 21: StackHouse – Grower Built From the Bottom Up

Episode 21: StackHouse – Grower Built From the Bottom Up

Episode 21 Grower Built From The Bottom Up


In this episode we meet the StackHouse team and unpack the essence of creating a solid cannabis cultivation team. Quality, quantity, consistency, and efficiency are the pillars of success we focus on, and how they are profoundly influenced by company culture and employee satisfaction. Discover the importance of transparency, equipment maintenance, and the balance between labor costs and product excellence. Our discussion also sheds light on the potential pitfalls of relying too heavily on machinery, emphasizing the need for skilled technicians and the delicate act of maintaining a positive work environment.


Our conversation turns to the art and science behind phenotype genetics, racking, and moisture management in cannabis cultivation. We take a closer look at nursery layouts, the strategic placement of mother plants and clones, and the decision-making process behind pot sizes for optimal flowering. Hear about the challenges of managing moisture content in buds, especially in Nevada's arid climate, and how this impacts both testing results and customer satisfaction. We also highlight the strong culture of empowerment and education at StackHouse, demonstrating how a unified team approach can lead to commercial success and quality production. Don't miss this engaging episode from the heart of Las Vegas, where innovation meets tradition in the quest for cultivating excellence.

(00:02) Vertical Farming for Cannabis and Food

(15:08) Creating a Successful Cannabis Cultivation Team

(21:19) Phenotype Genetics, Racking, and Moisture Management

(34:06) Stackhouse

(38:19) Challenges and Innovation in Cultivation Facilities

(48:09) Team Culture in Cannabis Cultivation

(59:45) Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

(01:08:27) The Importance of Quality Cannabis Production

"I'm not addicted to cannabis. I'm addicted to growing cannabis. That's what's addictive. The side effect is just the good sweet herb, but the growing it, that's super addictive because it's just, it never stops, it's something new every day."

"We need to, as a team, have the way we do things. It happens to be very much influenced by my way, but it's not my way. I'm very open to adjusting things that make sense, but there needs to be a way or the way we do things."

"To do it at scale and to keep a team involved and keep success and pass rates of testing, that becomes more tricky consistently."


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