Episode 22: Grow Motion – Dialing in a 3-Tier Flower in Switzerland

Episode 22: Grow Motion – Dialing in a 3-Tier Flower in Switzerland

Episode 22-Grow Motion


In this insightful episode of "Cultivation Elevated," host Michael Williamson sits down with Sia of Grow Motion, to delve into the intricate world of the European cannabis industry. They navigate the complexities of establishing a thriving cannabis enterprise in Switzerland, from crafting a unique brand that resonates with a dedicated community to employing innovative agricultural technologies like the Elevate Platform system.

Sia shares his entrepreneurial journey and the strategic moves that set Grow Motion apart in a competitive market, including exclusive genetics and German partnerships. This conversation not only highlights the challenges of scaling a business and maintaining a strong team spirit but also speculates on the evolving role of Switzerland in the European cannabis landscape and the future of THC legislation. Listeners are invited to join Michael and Sia for an episode that promises to enrich their understanding of the cannabis industry and the meticulous efforts behind Grow Motion's success.

(04:37 Building a Facility in Switzerland

(16:10) CBD and THC Usage Comparison in Europe

(24:19) Cannabis Industry Challenges

(29:00) The Decision to Build Three Tiers

(34:58) Creating a Safety-Focused Elevate Platform System

(39:48 ) GrowMotion's Unique Program Details

(45:57) Switzerland's Cannabis History

(49:38) GrowMotion Goals

"If I start a project, I will never stop anytime. I will finish it. It's important to build a community, to give them the best quality. You cannot build a brand that reaches the top level and then is forgotten after two or three months." - Sia"We have to be different if we want to play the game for the long term. You can't compete on quality alone; it's about creating a unique product that resonates with the community and stands the test of time." - Sia

"In the world of cannabis cultivation, it's about more than just the plant. It's about the people, the passion, and the dedication to create something exceptional. That's what truly makes a difference in this industry." - Michael Williamson

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