Shifting From Single Level HPS to Multi-Level LED

Achieving consistency in your grow operations requires much trial and error, resulting in operational expenses. John Ritter, Director of Sales with Pipp Horticulture sat down with MMJ Daily to discuss how using a led yield calculator and shifting from single level HPS to multi-level LED is changing the way the industry increases canopy.

Increasing Your Space

“When it comes to optimizing spaces, we know what to do,” said John. “When we entered the cannabis sector, we spent a substantial amount of time understanding how to best serve this industry. We had a lot of knowledge regarding vertical racking, and we wanted to use it to empower growers and make them successful. Thus, we have team members that are extremely knowledgeable with regards to everything that factors into growing cannabis in indoor farms. We don’t focus on our equipment solely, but we have studied how to integrate all sorts of different solutions from other suppliers with ours, in order to advise our customers on how to make it work together with all the rest of the equipment within the operation.”

Cultivating Different Strategies

Pipp Horticulture understands that no two grow operations are the same, which is why we always create different strategies depending on size, lighting and individual goals. “Though no two growers nor their cultivation strategies are the same, we are starting to see some consistent approaches in terms of equipment selection and strategy,” says Michael Williamson, Director of Cultivation for Pipp.

Grow More

Vertical farming provides full-scale solutions that benefit all facets of your grow operations. Experienced vertical growers can expect more from their canopy, and it only increases over time. “When you quantify a two-tier multi-level mobile rack approach for the same square footprint and the same yield modeling, growers are achieving 4-6 lbs. Experienced vertical growers who elect for a three-tiers are achieving 6-9 lbs in the same square footprint as the single level HPS grower who is only achieving 2-3 lbs.” Pipp assists growers in fully understanding the process to create a functional workable solution that can integrate several brands and facilities.

Now Let’s Calculate Your Yields

Use our cannabis yield calculator and click the link below, enter your facilities current canopy space, production metrics, and sales price to see how much revenue you could be making when you upgrade your indoor farm to PIPP Horticulture’s Cannabis grow racks!


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