Urban Wellness

“At Urban Wellness, we believe in utilizing technologies, research and development, and patient input to drive our company into the future. That’s why we’ve collaborated with PIPP Horticulture and Mammoth LED to create a state-of-the-art grow facility.”


PIPP Horticulture is the industry-leading provider of mobile, vertical grow rack systems, helping growers maximize production capability. With over 80,000 cardholders enrolled in the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program, increasing our production helps us better serve our patients.

Managing a grow facility while maximizing yields—particularly in an urban area— can be difficult, and finding a large enough space can come at a hefty price. By transitioning to vertical farming, we maximize canopy space and more than double production per square foot. Racks are easily moved and adjusted, increasing efficiency and creating a more streamlined workflow in our facility.”

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