Effective and consistent air circulation is a must for any successful vertical farm. Fixed or oscillating circular fans can provide uneven air movement and require complicated electrical sourcing. The patented Vertical Air Solutions (VAS) inner canopy air circulation system is designed to work in tandem with an HVAC system specified for your vertical farm size and growing methods. The VAS system’s integrated air filtration plenum allows for the purest possible airflow, and its unobtrusive rectangular duct design disappears alongside the grow lights under the upper grow trays. The VAS system is easy to install and can be assembled to fit various rack lengths and canopy spacing.

When to Use VAS Air Circulation Systems

As a division of Pipp Horticulture, Vertical Air Solutions’ patented Air Circulation Systems integrate seamlessly into Pipp’s Mobile Vertical Racking Systems to provide effective and consistent airflow to your plants. As the pioneer of in-rack airflow delivery technology, VAS stands alone as the clear industry leader with hundreds of successful installations throughout the world. With its unique ability to deliver an easily adjustable amount of airflow and CO2 over the entire plant canopy at all grow levels, while minimizing energy consumption and waste (permanent steel ducting vs. disposable plastic or hard-to-clean canvas duct socks), many of today’s top MSOs and other leading producers have successfully integrated VAS into their vertical grow platforms to ensure optimal plant health. VAS Plant Hangers also help carry these efficiencies through the harvesting and drying stages of the growing process. 






VAS Air Circulation System

Vertical Air Solutions’ patented Air Circulation System provides canopies with uniform air circulation while homogenizing the atmosphere in a multi-layered rolling rack platform. VAS was developed over years of rigorous research, testing, and refinement by our industry’s most experienced cannabis growers and designed specifically for the benefit of all growers and consumers. This system provides increased airflow control by spreading an incredibly consistent blanket of homogenized air across the entire plant canopy while integrating filtration and CO2 delivery for vertical farming applications. The VAS system allows you to completely control environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, airflow velocity, and CO2 levels, optimizing plant health and finished product quality. 

  • Galvalume construction materials deliver corrosion resistance, are lightweight, affordable, and provide longevity of use.
  • Versatile mounting positions of the plenum. It can be attached on the front or back of the vertical grow racks, as well as upside down should there be any obstructions. 
  • The plenum allows for filtered air and CO2 integration. Utilizing a MERV Filter with a rating between 5 and 8 provides optimal air filtration. The CO2 injection port allows you to deliver enriched air to every section of your crop to help consistently produce high-quality flowers. 
  • The VAS system utilizes filtered air with positive pressure, which helps keep the interior clean and minimizes the need to clean the duct system. When cleaning is required, the system can be easily cleaned by a variety of methods. 
  • The system can complement your growing methods with multiple fan sizes and eight air speed settings for ultimate control of the amount and speed of air delivered to your canopy.
  • The VAS system can reduce electricity costs over traditional fans by 46-68%, depending on the rack length. This provides a return on investment in approximately 12 -18 months.
  • Use of permanent galvalume (steel) ducting (vs. canvas or plastic air socks) allows for easy cleaning between harvests without waste or removal of materials, minimizing labor and equipment costs and speeding transitions between harvests.
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Proud Division of Pipp Horticulture

Pipp has dominated the Mobile Storage Industry for over 40 years and they carried that same passion and innovation over to Vertical Air Solutions™. With Pipp’s experience in equipment sales and manufacturing backing them, Vertical Air Solutions™ has become an industry-leading provider of air circulation systems and products for the indoor vertical farming cannabis industry globally.


VAS Plant Hangers

Vertical Air Solutions’ Plant Hangers specifically target the needs of cannabis cultivators. With an opening on one side, stalks are placed directly on a horizontal bar, instead of being threaded through the hanger. These hangers are also taller to allow for longer base stems, and the indentations on the horizontal bar keep the plants equidistant from each other, assuring even drying and consistent yields. The sturdy, anti-microbial construction of the hangers allows for years of re-use. When combined with rolling racks that can be weighed and go straight from the flower room to the drying room, the plants are touched only one time, reducing the risk of damage.

  • More efficient use of labor and space by minimizing handling of the plants and having more plants per hanger.
  • Less waste due to fewer flowers being lost from multiple handling operations.
  • Even drying rates for all plants, assuring a consistent product for manufacturers and users.
  • Cost savings and a lowered environmental impact from the continuous re-use of the production-tested anti-microbial steel hangers.
  • Hanger Dimensions: 19.2” width | 8.75” height | 1.5” hanger hook width

U.S. Patent No. US D873,036 S


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