Increasing Your Vertical Farming Canopy – Sozo Health Spotlight

Sozo embraces the most advanced cannabis cultivation technology to create the best recreational and medical marijuana available in Michigan. From the moment Sozo transplants first cuttings, to the moment that their products are enjoyed by the end-user, Sozo’s mission is to take great pride in doing their part to nurture plants. The Sozo family executes meticulous measures produce the finest cannabis products, but doing so in a manner that takes no shortcuts nor ever sacrificing purity and quality. Sozo has a demanding vision of excellence that is imbued in every detail as invested in teams and communities. This vision also directly impacted every aspect of Sozo’s cultivation facility.

The Sozo team had been working with double ended HPS and single tiered grow rooms since its inception. As Sozo grew, they looked for ways to continuously improve and streamline their operations. From then on the Sozo team looked for ways to continuously improve and streamline their operations. This is where the engineers at Pipp Horticulture stepped in. Pipp worked with Sozo to implement Mobile Vertical Racking Systems that created more space in their Detroit cultivation facility. To further improve and create safer grow operations, Sozo added Pipp’s revolutionary ELEVATE Platform System to create a safer environment for servicing the second level. The results after implementation were simply astounding.



Pipp helped Sozo grow more with their vertical farming solutions by creating 24,824 sq ft.  of canopy and increasing yields by 70%. Learn more:






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