Episode 2: Craft Cannabis and Audio Terps with the Founders of Indico Colorado

Episode 2: Craft Cannabis and Audio Terps with the Founders of Indico Colorado

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Owners of Indico, Josh Foley and Owen Miller are known as some of the best craft cannabis growers in Colorado. Their old-school approach to cultivation allows them to give every plant the close attention it needs, and has resulted in them producing top-shelf cannabis that features potent aromas and flavors. Today, they join the show to discuss their grow process, the critical role that music plays in their operation, and the inspiration behind some of the strains they have cultivated, including their award-winning Mandarin Sunset flower.

00:01 – Michael welcomes to the show Josh Foley & Owen Miller who share the incredible origin story of their company, Indico
05:53 – How Josh and Owen first met and connected
09:26 – Bumps in the road along the entrepreneurial journey
15:51 – Buying trends among consumers in the marketplace
18:44 – Marijuana and music
23:28 – Advice Josh and Owen would give to traditional growers
31:42 – The inspiration behind some of the strains Josh and Owen have cultivated
36:03 – Washing and solventless hash production explained
37:20 – Josh and Owen speak to their partnership with Dialed In Gummies
44:06 – Where listeners can find products by Indico and how the cannabis market has shifted
51:41 – Josh and Owen speculate on what the future holds for Indico
56:16 – Michael thanks Josh and Owen for joining the show 

“When people see that first plant that’s just perfectly formed, it’s awe-inspiring and it gets them hooked like that.” (11:41)
“What’s better than getting super blazed on your favorite strain and listening to your favorite music? It goes hand in hand.” (18:44)
“The one thing that is blatantly apparent is that the plants are living things, and the mood and the environment around the plants affects the plant growth itself. And so, by playing music, we’re trying to create this positive energy and vibe in the garden that then translates to the plants being happier.” (20:27)
“It’s probably the number one thing that we’ve noticed that growers overlook when we go into their facilities is that a lot of times their rooms are just way too dry to start out and the plants are not flourishing.” (28:12)
“Well, it basically comes down to one of two different types of cultivators. You’re either cultivating for high-end flower, or you’re cultivating for extraction.” (49:19)

Indico Colorado – https://indicocolorado.com/ (https://indicocolorado.com/)
Dialed In Gummies – https://www.dialedingummies.com/ (https://www.dialedingummies.com/)
Indico Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/indicocoloradoinc/ (https://www.instagram.com/indicocoloradoinc/)
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Oakfruitland Vertical Farming

Everything You Need To Know About Vertical Cannabis Grow Systems

Everything You Need To Know About Vertical Cannabis Grow Systems

Cannabis Vertical Grow Rack System

Although the legal cannabis industry is over a decade old in some states, it’s still a nascent industry compared to other agricultural sectors with proven best practices and equipment. The processes, techniques, and tools used to grow commercial cannabis are constantly evolving to optimize and streamline operations. Due to this rapid advancement, many ideas, systems, and strategies are antiquated and becoming obsolete. 

Growing Cannabis Vertically

Still, one concept expanding exponentially and here to stay for the foreseeable future is growing cannabis vertically. Vertical farming, when done correctly using vertical cannabis grow system, can significantly increase output, standardize operations, and maximize the overall efficiency of any commercial cannabis grow operation. Implementing vertical farming and space optimization strategies throughout the facility can reduce per-unit costs, allowing operators to take greater profits or stay competitive in more mature markets with declining prices. 

If you’re wisely considering investing in mobile vertical cannabis grow systems, read on to learn more about the benefits and what you’ll need to get started.

Advantages of Cannabis Vertical Grow Systems

While traditional horizontal growing is appropriate in specific scenarios, it leaves valuable space emptying many facilities. Incorporating vertical grow systems into your operation allows you to leverage every inch of your grow room to maximize profits while saving you money on alternative production space expenditures.

For example, sophisticated vertical cannabis grow systems can support strategies around efficient, closed-loop water systems to reduce water usage and associated costs. A well-designed irrigation plan should minimize and recapture run-off, in turn saving substantial amounts of money on water and sewer fees by capturing, treating, and reusing water.

Other advantages of vertical cannabis grow systems include:

  • Reduction of per-unit costs
  • Increased horizontal canopy space through the elimination of stationery aisles and the creation of mobile aisles via mobile carriages
  • Reduced need to buy or lease additional property for expansion
  • Standardized and streamlined cultivation processes and practices

Necessary Components of Vertical Cannabis Grow Systems

Oakfruitland: Vertical Farming Equipment and Components of a Vertical Grow System

Growing cannabis in a controlled-environment indoor grow facility offers a high degree of stability and control when combined with the proper tools and systems, including vertical cannabis grow system. To better understand the necessary components of commercial cannabis grow system, it’s important to understand the variables of growing cannabis. 

These variables include:

  • Genetics
  • Weather
  • Light (intensity, spectrum, cycle)
  • Temperature (ambient, canopy, sub-canopy, media)
  • Humidity (RH, dew point)
  • Airflow (ambient, canopy)
  • CO2 (quality, delivery)
  • Media (type, volume)
  • Irrigation (type, frequency, volume, treatment)
  • Fertigation (type, concentration, schedule, mixing)
  • IPM (microbial, viral, pests)
  • Plant maintenance
  • Support

All of these variables impact the final product sold to consumers and contribute to the costs of goods sold (COGS), which all play a part in any grow operation’s profit margins. In other words, to have control over these variables is to have greater control over how much money your business makes. Utilizing vertical cannabis grow systems in your operation helps standardize and better control some of these variables when designed, installed, and commissioned correctly.

How To Set Up a Vertical Cannabis Grow System

Vertical cannabis grows systems can require more planning than traditional grow operations because you need to evaluate multiple variables on multiple levels that can all impact one another. When setting up your vertical grow racks and mobile carriages, be sure to consider the following:
  • Floor levelness
  • Ceiling height (including ductwork and any other objects hanging)
  • Drain locations
  • Door locations
  • Columns and other obstructions and their potential interference
  • Local municipal building codes
  • Multi-level access equipment clearance (OSHA-approved ladders or man-lifts)
  • Workflow and ergonomics
  • Product lead times
  • Installation 

Hiring certified and experienced professionals to help you design, outfit, and set up your vertical grow system is wise. Working with providers like Pipp Horticulture allows access to seasoned professionals who can review architectural layouts and designs and make recommendations for maximized space utilization, elevations, and integration with other components. Additionally, Pipp can provide grow room dimensions for maximizing canopy, workspace, and airflow.

Flora Terra - Pipp Horticulture Mobile Vertical Grow Racks

Tips for Maintaining Your Vertical Cannabis Grow System

If your vertical cannabis grow system is made with aluminum and galvanized or stainless steel components, there’s a good chance it will require little maintenance. Wheels should be sealed bearings, so no lubrication or maintenance is necessary. Wiping down racks and trays, vacuuming debris from the floor, trays, and tracks, and using ozone, UV, Bio-Foam, and Bio-Fogger to sanitize your equipment will help maintain a healthy growing environment.

You will also want to check and perform suggested maintenance on your drains regularly. Make sure to keep drains clear of debris and monitor your entire plumbing as fertilizers and other chemicals and solutions can corrode pipes and joints.

Safety is a big concern for any commercial operator. Ensuring your Team has easy access to the plants on the upper level of your cannabis grow system while minimizing their reach and fall risk is crucial for owners and managers running a tight ship. Ladders, lifts, and scaffolding can get the job done, but they’re more dangerous than other options. Pipp’s ELEVATE™ Platform System is a robust, lightweight, portable deck that allows cultivators to access the upper levels quickly, efficiently, and, most importantly, safely.

The Future of Cannabis

Because of the rising demand for recreational cannabis and the growing list of medical uses of the plant, the need for indoor-grown cannabis shows no signs of slowing down. The combination of demand, land pressure, and increasing rents will prompt cultivators to embrace more efficient cultivation solutions like vertical farming. 

Vertical farming techniques allow growers to maximize their output and consistently provide locally grown cannabis to consumers in urban centers. Vertical cannabis grow systems will continue to optimize and drive efficiency in cannabis and other indoor agricultural sectors while reducing inefficiencies commonly associated with indoor farming.

Pipp Horticulture is the leading space-saving mobile indoor vertical grow racking systems provider. All Pipp Horticulture products are made in the USA and integrate with other essential grow equipment like lighting, irrigation, drainage, and airflow systems.

Vertical farming with Pipp Horticulture can maximize production capability, reduce COGS, and increase overall profitability.

Call us today to take the next step and learn more about vertical commercial cannabis cultivation!

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Episode 1: Converting Single-Tier Legacy Cannabis Cultivation to a State-of-the-Art Multi-Tier Operation with Daniel Craveiro

Episode 1: Converting Single-Tier Legacy Cannabis Cultivation to a State-of-the-Art Multi-Tier Operation with Daniel Craveiro


Daniel Craveiro is the Director of Research & Development at Camaraderie Group, an organization that includes such brands as Mayflower Farms and Sirona Cultivated. Today, Michael and Daniel engage in a deep discussion on the cannabis industry, fertigation systems, and the difference between traditional cultivation methods and multi-tiered setups.

About Daniel:

Daniel Craveiro entered the regulated Cannabis industry in 2009 while pursuing a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Since 2009, Daniel has had ample experience in Cultivation and Manufacturing facility design and build, equipment and methodology selection and implementation and facility commissioning and training. He has contributed to the design and build of multiple ground-up and retrofit facilities across multiple states including Colorado, Michigan and California. Daniel has contributed to the development of the DAGDA Fertigation System, which is a state-of-the-art suite of automated plant irrigation solutions for cultivators that uses real-time plant data to make irrigation decisions. This system allows cultivators to make data-driven decisions that contribute to consistent, reproducible crop outcomes. Daniel has also conducted research in the field of Cannabis plant sciences and manufacturing techniques and has collaborated on research with prominent companies and institutions in the field of Cannabis sciences and product development. Daniel has been a part of award-winning teams, including being a recipient of awards from High Times magazine, the THC Classic Cup and The 710 Showdown.

00:01 – Daniel joins the show to share his origin story, cannabis cultivation, and transdermal patches

06:36 – Revolutionizing the world of cannabis sales

08:29 – Multi-State Operators (MSO), explained

13:00 – Fertigation systems

18:59 – Daniel describes some of the infrastructure he has in place at Mayflower Farms

22:38 – The difference between solventless and solvent-based extracts

31:02 – Transitioning from traditional cultivation methods to multi-tiered setups

34:50 – Daniel speaks to some of the innovations they are working on at Mayflower Farms

42:05 – Initiatives to be environmentally friendly and to continuously improve

45:07 – Tips for building a great culture

46:39 – Advice Daniel would give to those considering shifting from single to multi-tier

48:52 – Michael thanks Daniel for joining the show

“We don’t see this being an industry that has a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, which is the perception that a lot of people have. Our perception of the industry is that it’s just like any other, but we have an opportunity to be in it a bit ahead and a bit early.” (09:24) 

“We looked at the existing fertigation systems that were in the market and we saw some of the deficits they had in terms of being applicable to cannabis specifically. So, we decided to jump full on into that endeavor. What we’ve done since is basically develop a set of systems for fertilizer mixing, fertilizer delivery to the plant - so irrigation - and then also substrate monitoring.” (14:56) 

“It’s very unique how you find these groups or families of strains that share characteristics…I think there’s a very big world of complements that can occur in cannabis that people aren’t exploring as much. And we’re curious about it so we’re playing around with it.” (30:35) 

“One of the biggest challenges in cannabis right now is accounting. It’s a very complex business to do this and there’s a lot of different components to it. A lot of growers actually don’t know how much it costs them to grow a pound of product.” (40:55) 

“We try to adopt the concept of continuous improvement in our company. You could say it’s a cliche thing, but when you get it into the heads of every team member out there and you walk the floor, you notice that people are looking around for ways to make their lives better.” (43:39) 

DAGDA Fertigation - https://www.dagdafertigation.com

Mayflower Farms – https://mayflowerfarms.com/ 

Mayflower Farms Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mayflowerfarms/ 

Sirona Cultivated – https://sironacultivated.com/ 

The Perfect Elevation – https://www.theperfectelevation.com/ 

The Perfect Elevation Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/summit_theperfectelevation/ 

Dozuki – https://www.dozuki.com/

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