Learn How Your Grow Room Materials Can Affect Your Yields & Profits

Being successful in the horticulture industry means keeping up with the massive demand and required grow yields. It can be easy to forget that all the elements you use to grow greatly affects your yield, and your profits. Besides grow room materials such as vertical grow racks, increasing profits (see exactly how much money you could be making here) the trays, inserts and tables all play a part in your grow operations. Consider how these implementing these items can affect your grow yield.

Our Grow Room Materials

Veg Tables

It’s all in the tables! By using vertical grow tables you are able to reduce your environmental footprint by utilizing less space and allowing more plants to grow. Operators often are looking for a solution to grow in areas without adequate growing space. In most cases we are able to double or triple a grower’s productivity in their existing space by implementing these tables. Now that’s how you grow!

Bloom Tables

In order to maximize your grow operations you need to ensure your bloom tables meet demands of large-scale commercial horticulture. Bloom tables are designed to maximize your flowering space and increase revenue. After integrating a multilayer grow system you can increase productivity by 100 percent or more. Pretty amazing right? Our tables are designed to integrate with any growing style from soil bed to ebb & flow. Lack of space may have you looking for new real estate to increase production. Wait! Before you go off looking for more space, consider whether a multilayer grow system can provide that increase in production you’re looking for.

Drainage Inserts

Drainage inserts work together with bloom and veg tables to allow for proper drainage and air circulation beneath pots. We offer anti-microbial and anti-fungal drainage inserts (white). Made in the USA of high density polyethylene, inserts can be easily removed for quick cleaning and sanitation.

Mobile Vertical Grow Racks

No where to go but up! Greenhaus provides mobile vertical grow racks through our industry leading partner, Pipp Horticulture. We integrate a carriage and track system to create even more efficiency by eliminating permanent aisles. We will work with your architects and engineers to determine if this is an option for your project.

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Why Attending MJBizCon Is a Must For Any Cultivator

As a cultivator you’ve probably attended many conferences and seminars about best industry practices that they are all beginning to blend together. But there are a few that come every once in a great while that are worth your time and can potentially affect the success of your business. MJBizCon is an event that gets all industry key players in one area to discuss the best practices for both cultivation and the retail of cannabis. Catch all the movers and shakers of the industry at MJBizCon and take away knowledge that will elevate your cultivation. Here are just some of the reasons why attending MJBizCon is a very smart decision for your cannabis business.

Learn The Most Up To Date Business Practices

If you’re a cultivator in 2019, you’re well aware of the many business and marketing restrictions preventing your business from growing. MJBizCon educates canna business owners on the most up to date laws and business practices within the industry that you CAN do. Knowing this allows you to stay legal and prevents your business or marketing efforts experiencing any dings along the way that could potentially harm your business in the long run.

Network With The Best

MJBizCon has separate events within the main conference that are specific to which area in the cannabis industry you want to network with most. There is an investor event, science symposium, and a marijuana business crash course. The conference also celebrates movers and shakers in the cannabis industry that set the standard for business practices and that help propel the industry forward.

Navigating the CBD and Hemp Market

Navigating the cannabis market has proven difficult in the past, and the same goes for CBD and hemp. With very vague rules and regulations it’s important to talk with experienced members within the industry that can allow you to learn from other business practices. This in turn will not only make your CBD and hemp business more profitable, but will keep everything legal within the eyes of the law.

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How To Calculate Your Grow Room Setup Costs & Yield Revenue

Importance of Calculating Setup Costs

Commercial cannabis growers and investors are running a tight business. Inputs must be tracked closely to ensure the business stays profitable and sustainable. It’s tempting to start a buildout right away to minimize idle time and skip the important questions of how much does a grow room cost. However, taking the time to use a grow room cost calculator and then detail the budget and estimates for the buildout will ensure the project goes smoothly and that finances are in line with expectations. With construction, there is always some variation from the plan. A contingency allowance for unexpected expenses acts as a financial safety net. The amount of this allowance is dependent on the scope of the build out but usually it will not exceed 10% of overall costs.

Top 3 Costs in Building Out a New Cultivation Space

  • Planning + Drawings: Invest in architectural drawings and work with engineers who will handle the county and city permits. This stage is the most important as it can greatly impact the timeline and scope of your project.
  • Lighting: If you choose to invest in LEDs and vertical racks, the lighting equipment costs will be high upfront. The energy, electricity cost, and space efficiency will make up for it in the long run, but it’s one of the top upfront expenses for the buildout.
  • Grow Equipment: Pipp Vertical Racks, plumbing, ACs, dehumidifiers, the list goes on. Preparing all the equipment, tools and supplies for a cultivation facility takes time and plenty of budget.
There are many costs associated with taking your cannabis business to the next level. One of the most important costs you have to consider is commercial cannabis grow room setup cost. Before we determine your exact grow room setup cost and calculate possible grow yields, consider these benefits of vertical farming: High Density and Anti-Microbial Products Pipp’s mobile vertical grow racks can be built up to 56’ long and 23’ high (systems larger require engineering approval). Beams can support up to 2,150 lbs. Uprights can support over 17,000 lbs. Our products have a white powder coat finish that is UV-stable, and contains anti-microbial and fungal-resistant additives. Easy Integration Vertical grow racks are designed to easily integrate with other essential grow equipment like lighting, irrigation, drainage, and airflow systems. This creates a smooth grow operation that is efficient and profitable. Lower Costs By using Pipp Horticulture’s vertical grow racks you deal directly with us because of our factory direct sales channel. We design specifically for you so there are no wasted resources. Pipp’s CAD team will prepare room drawings of your facility, including elevations of the vertical grow systems, to ensure efficient grow space and workflow at affordable rates.

Now Let’s Calculate Your Yields

Click the link below, enter your facilities current canopy space, production metrics, and sales price to see how much revenue you could be making when you upgrade your indoor farm to PIPP Horticulture’s Cannabis grow racks!


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