Episode 9: Passion For the Plant with Redbud Roots

Episode 9: Passion For the Plant with Redbud Roots

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Joe Zeller and Dante Metaluno provide a deep dive into the cannabis industry. Listen in to hear their success story of Redbud Roots, from the importance of genetics and quality to the strategies they use to rise above the competition. Learn about their specialties in cultivation, extraction, processing, packaging, sales, brokerage, white labeling and small batch production. Explore their thoughts on the effects of federal regulation, marketing of certain strains and the evolution of the Emerald Cup. Gain an inside look into their process of creating SOPs, their data-driven approach, and the unique staffing structure they have implemented to create more accountability and engagement among their team.

  • Discover how Joe and Dante have navigated Redbud Roots from 6 employees to over 150
  • Find out how Joe and Dante implemented a staffing structure to increase engagement and pride in their work
  • Learn about the importance of SOPs in cannabis production and the use of data to make decisions
  • Uncover the team's focus on quality, and their passion for the product
  • Understand the success story of Kim, and the evolution of the Emerald Cup
  • Discover the unique terpene profile of the strains produced by Redbud Roots

“We are cultivation, extraction, processing, packaging. We have a diverse sales team. We do a little bit of brokerage white label and try and find a skew that matches almost every product that somebody can want to purchase at this point. Lean towards the craft side of the market.“(Joe Zeller)

“It's that positive attitude appreciating what we get to do. And that's why I speak on the passion of just the joy of working with the plant, going into a grow room on a gloomy Michigan afternoon. If that doesn't turn you up a little bit, then you should be somewhere else.“(Joe Zeller)

“It’s all about quality and a product that you're proud of, a product that you'll gladly show up to any event with and say, this is mine. This is what we made. Step up the quality.” (Dante Metaluno)

Redbud Roots on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/redbud-roots/

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Pipp Horticulture Acquires Grow Glide Assets

Pipp Horticulture Acquires Grow Glide Assets

Growing Stronger Together

Pipp Horticulture Acquires Grow Glide Assets

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This acquisition solidifies Pipp’s position as a leading provider of Indoor Commercial Mobile Vertical Grow Racks, Greenhouse Structures, and In-Rack Airflow Systems in North America.

Walker, Michigan – March 6, 2023 –During the past 6 years, Pipp Horticulture has emerged as a leading provider of indoor mobile vertical racking & in-rack airflow solutions throughout North America. The complexities of scaling an operation in this space have kept the competitive landscape lean, but in addition to Pipp Horticulture, Grow Glide, found its lane delivering quality systems at scale and developing a voice within this community.

“Following five years of both brands working hard to deliver higher value to their respective customers, we are pleased to announce that Pipp Horticulture and Grow Glide are now operating together and perfectly positioned to push the industry forward into what is bound to be a very exciting future.” – Craig Umans, President & CEO of Pipp.

Pipp will utilize the key strengths of each organization, and the expanded product offerings will become available to the most discerning cultivation facilities worldwide. Customers will receive value through Pipp Horticulture’s experience, made-in-USA production, and dedication to world-class customer service together with Grow Glide’s unique design features and use of cutting-edge technology. We couldn’t be more excited about this acquisition enabling us to offer the best of the best and deliver previously unimagined value to the most exciting marketplace – indoor vertical farming!

“The team from Grow Glide is thrilled to be joining Pipp Horticulture. By utilizing our knowledge, experience, and resources, we’ll be able to deliver even greater value to cultivators around the world. This represents a significant step forward for the indoor cultivation industry as a whole, and we’re honored to be at the forefront of this evolution.” – Darin Siples and Travis Schwartz of Grow Glide. www.growglide.com


About Pipp Horticulture 

Pipp Horticulture is an industry-leading provider of vertical farming and space optimization solutions. We work with commercial agriculture professionals globally to design, install, and optimize operational spaces throughout cultivation, post-harvest, manufacturing, and distribution facilities through the implementation of vertical and mobile rack, cart, and ventilation systems. The Pipp team merges over 40 years of commercial mobile storage experience with horticulture industry experts with over 50 years of operational experience in commercial agriculture and seed-to-sale production. Pipp provides expertise, insight, and network connections far beyond our mobile systems in support of our mission to augment financial performance and mitigate risk for our partners. For more information, please visit www.pipphorticulture.com.


About Novacap 

Founded in 1981, Novacap is a leading North American private equity firm with over C$8B of AUM that has invested in more than 100 platform companies and completed more than 150 add-on acquisitions. Applying its sector-focused approach since 2007 in Industries, TMT, Financial Services, and Digital Infrastructure, Novacap’s deep domain expertise can accelerate company growth
and create long-term value. With experienced, dedicated investment and operations teams as well as substantial capital, Novacap has the resources and knowledge that help build world-class businesses. Novacap has offices in Montreal, Toronto, and New York. For more information, please visit www.novacap.ca.

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